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Sharing insights, procedural notes and miscellaneous funny thoughts that go with sometimes funny pictures, naturally.


A drawing of a cosplay actor in the role of Malificent from Toronto FanExpo. Who doesn't like a person with wings? Just add a little colour and a sylvan fantasy setting and presto. Line art is vector based using my Wacom Intuos and colours were done in...

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Pharmacy Media Networks Line Art

A series of brand development vector illustrations for The Pharmacy Media Network. These were part of a single Bootstrap web page build and logo design done through my core business Red Horse Interactive. PMN is an in-home media company that broadcasts information in...

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Jackal of All Trades

The Jackal of All Trades is a mascot-type "logo" intended to emblazon the brand of my information-base website or the same name. The Jackal of All Trades (blog) is simply a personal receptical for random technical and skill notes (those things that one keeps...

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Coastal Squid Attack

I know, the first thing some people might wonder when looking at this is, "why would someone do that?". Well, this is Planet Frenzy and Planet Frenzy is like the Island of Misfit Toys from that old 60's Christmas Special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for ideas... no...

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