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Mark Parenteau, Illustrator, Multimedia Specialist

June 14, 2018

Planet Frenzy currently constitutes itself of 3 galleries. This is destined to grow and develop. The site is young!

As time goes by and we search and we scratch for the worm it seems strange we can somehow neglect the tendencies that are closest to our core, even though great things may have been accomplished. I am a portrait artist (oils) and multi-media specialist and planetfrenzy.com is where I will let my illustrative drawing interests (dare I be so kind as to say ‘talents’?), be they whimsical, sketchy, polished or commercial, self-demonstrate. The idea here, on planetfrenzy.com is to break free of niche-psychology, to loosen up, explore, breath, and the commercial applications of creative energy and artistry will be evident. Open up to a new kind of change. I would welcome any correspondence, whatsoever, to help this grow.

MP Digital Drawing and Painting

The MP Digital Illustration gallery… the fun of drawing restored. Exploring techniques inspired by, but not necessary exclusive to the comic book or “fan art” genre. Let’s face it, some amazing examples of this style of drawing abound, and I find it quite inspiring at the end of the day and fun is important. This gallery features digital art portraits of intrepid cosplay actors and thanks for their modelling heroism :).

Planet Frenzy

The self-named Planet Frenzy gallery is where ‘laisser fair’ can touch down. Colouring outside the lines, as a matter of speaking, is not a concern!

Vector Art

Adobe Illustrator chops will shine here. With the discovery of the SVG format, this could get commercial. Web based CSS and Greensock animations will also be found here. For more about true commercial services please visit redhorseinteractive.com.

The Frenzone (BLOG)

I enjoy writing these little blurbs. The Frenzone is where those little behind the scenes notes, Interim sketches and additional background info are articulated.

Let Planet Frenzy know more about your illustration interests. Use Instagram or Facebook. Webforms just aren't worth the trouble :).



Vector Illustration and Graphics

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