The Jackal of All Trades is a mascot-type “logo” intended to emblazon the brand of my information-base website or the same name.

The Jackal of All Trades (blog) is simply a personal receptical for random technical and skill notes (those things that one keeps re-learning every time one comes across them, due to relative infrequent usage) pertaining to the variety of disciplines that I endeavour to maintain, hence the name, which is, I expect, an obvious derivative to the commonly know monicker “jack of all trades”.

The intention was to simply pound out a quick mark for a website which, ultimately is (at present) only of personal significance, yet still exercise some respect to the creative and technical disciplines featured themselves (visit for a little more on that).

So, conceptually the Ancient Egyptian jackal-headed god Anubis was a shoe-in, since he is the keeper of ultimate balances (scales), but we needed to be a little more light hearted about things and avoid any undue saturation in cultist mysticism. I envisioned Anubis juggling icons of various software products etc. but that became too boring to bother executing (fickleness is the up-side of doing creative work for one self ), but the balancing hands representing the scales remained.

Graphically I wanted to do a piece that relied on primitive shapes (polygon and circles) to derive the final design from and indulgence in experimentation ensued from there. I think I ended up with all sorts of interesting ‘clip-board shavings’ and an interesting piece of vector art, as well, in the process

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